In Nomine: The Marches

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To Sleep . . . Perchance to Dream

Just be careful what kind of dream you have! The Marches is a vast dreamscape, ruled and fought over by Blandine and Beleth. Every mortal soul visits the Marches every night in slumber, and the dreams they weave are the battleground upon which these former lovers send their forces to do battle . . .

Book Two of The Revelations Cycle for the In Nomine roleplaying game, The Marches gives players and Game Masters alike an in-depth look at the realm of dreams, myths, and monsters. It also portrays four Superiors in more detail: the Archangels Blandine and Gabriel, the Demon Prince Belial, and the Demon Princess Beleth. In addition, it introduces two new Choirs; rules for the mortal Sorcerers who attempt to master the supernatural; and "Blood and Circuses," a complete adventure setting.

You will need the In Nomine Core Rulebook to play. Book One of The Revelations Cycle, Night Music, is useful but not necessary.

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Written by S. John Ross / Steve Kenson / John Tynes / Sam Chupp / David Edelstein