In Nomine: You Are Here

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Around the World in 666 Days

And us without a map . . .

Across the Symphony, from Heaven to Hell, in Earth, and even in the Marches, there are places which have meaning. They are more than just earth and stone – they're cared for or abhorred, worked in and lived in, important to people . . . and even more important to your characters!

This book is full of different locations that can be used as instant adventures, or worked into a campaign to add flavor. The secret projects of Demon Princes; the sacred areas protected by Archangels; Ethereal Domains etched into the global unconscious; purely human areas on Earth that the War hasn't touched yet – they're all here. Dozens of places hide secrets, all waiting to be discovered by those who won't know what they're getting into!

For all the players who keep asking their GMs where they are, and all the GMs trying to give them an answer – You Are Here. Now the players just have to cope with it . . .

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Written by Genevieve R. Cogman