What types of payment do you accept?

How do I pay with a credit card?

How do I pay with PayPal?

How do I pay with a money order?

I'm in a different country and my credit/debit card isn't working!

When will I be charged?

Do you charge sales tax?


Some items in my order are pre-orders. Can you send me the ones that are available?


Can I return my order?

My order arrived damaged or defective. What should I do?

I purchased a new starter set (or booster pack) and one of my cards is damaged. Can I get a replacement for it?


New Products? Where?

When will (X, Y, or Z) be released?

When will you be adding (X, Y, or Z) as a digital download?

Munchkin & Games

Have a Munchkin rules question?

I have an amazing Munchkin idea. Can I send it to you?

I have a really great game idea! Where can I send it?

Other Questions

I'm a MIB. Can I place an order using my MIB points?

Can I order more than 12 of one item?

Can I purchase something from Warehouse 23 as a gift and send it directly to them?

Do you offer print-on-demand?

What browser should I use to view Warehouse 23?

Do you purchase or sell used games?

What is your pricing policy?

How do I join the Illuminati?

Need help with something else? Or looking for something specific?