In Nomine: The Final Trumpet

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Put In Your Sickle And Reap, For The Hour To Reap Has Come

Or has it? The forces of darkness are trying to bring on Armageddon, but nothing is quite as it seems. Some infernals are opposing it, and some angels are helping it along. It's time to choose sides for the biggest fight since the Fall, and no one knows who will win, or even if the time is right . . .

The Final Trumpet is the conclusion to the five-part Revelations Cycle for the In Nomine roleplaying game. It contains extended Superior write-ups for Michael, Baal, Kobal and Malphas, and introduces two new Superiors: Khalid, the Archangel of Faith, and Magog, the Demon Prince of Cruelty. Also included is "The Final Trumpet," the biggest In Nomine adventure ever published.

You will need the In Nomine basic rulebook to play. Books One through Four of The Revelations Cycle (Night Music, The Marches, Heaven and Hell, and Fall of the Malakim), are useful but not necessary.

Written by Alain H. Dawson / Genevieve R. Cogman / Micah Jackson / Derek Pearcy / David Edelstein