In Nomine: Night Music

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Hail! Hail! Rock and Roll!

It's a powerful Word, and Furfur wants to be its Demon Prince. But to get that coveted title, Furfur is going to have to pull a fast one on all of Hell's elite – including Lucifer himself! And to do that, he'll need all the help he can get . . .

Night Music is Book One of The Revelations Cycle for the In Nomine roleplaying game. In addition to the adventure, "The Demon Prince of Rock and Roll," Night Music has in-depth looks at the Archangel Laurence and Demon Prince Saminga; two new Superiors; expanded rules for Soldiers, Saints, and the Undead, and a complete setting: In Nomine Austin, with dozens of NPCs, locations, and ideas for divine (or infernal) adventures.

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Written by James L. Cambias / S. John Ross / Derek Pearcy / John Tynes / Sam Chupp