Dragon Con!

Carpet Cult Illuminati CONFIRMEDOnce again, the team boldly goes to Dragon Con, braving the scorching Atlanta heat. You can see Steve, Irene, and Jean on panels, in the game room, or in line for the elevators.

Here are our scheduled panels:

Steve Jackson Video Games
Panelists: Steve Jackson, Bobby Blackwolf
Friday 2:30pm, Augusta E-H Westin

Indie Games
Panelists: Eloy Lasanta, Kenneth Hite, Steve Jackson, Logan Jenkins, Irene Zielinski
Friday 4pm, Augusta 1-2 Westin

What's New With Steve Jackson Games
Panelists: Steve Jackson, Jean McGuire, Irene Zielinski
Sunday 11:30am, Augusta 1-2 Westin
(We'll be streaming this one live on our TikTok page! Get notified by signing up for the Live Event here.)

The Munchkin Panel!
Panelists: Steve Jackson (And a surprise interviewer!)
Sunday 2:30pm, Augusta 3 Westin

Master Game Master
Panelists: Eloy Lasanta, Steve Jackson, Amanda Hamon, Devon M Chulick
Sunday 7pm, Augusta 1-2 Westin

Car Warriors: Autoduel Chronicles
Panelists: William Joseph Roberts, S. M. Stirling, Jody Lynn Nye, Steve Jackson, Irene Zielinski
Monday 2:30pm, Embassy AB Hyatt

You'll also find us in Board Gaming, on the first floor of AmericasMart 3:

10am Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday

Car Wars
6pm Friday and Saturday

Groo: The Game
6pm & 7:30pm Friday and Saturday
2pm Saturday
5pm Sunday

And don't forget to bid on the unique misprinted giant Munchkin die in the Charity Auction in the Hyatt Grand Hall C at 11am on Monday!

Hope to see you there!

-- Irene Zielinski