A Call to Arms: Star Fleet Book 1.2: Kzinti Ship Roster Card Pack

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The Kzintis look like eight-foot-tall tigers. Their empire is smaller than that of the Klingons and (to hear the Kzintis tell it) about half of Kzinti territory was stolen by the Federation when it first declared its borders 68 years before the General War.

Relying on drones and disruptors more than phasers, the Kzintis build their ships to fight their most deadly foes — each another!

This ship roster card pack contains: 100-class frigate, Spectyr-class light cruiser, Comet-class war destroyer, Fang-class medium cruiser, Swordbreaker-class new heavy cruiser, Deathdealer-class new command cruiser, Firecat-class fast cruiser, Nova-class battlecruiser, White Dwarf-class command cruiser, Patriarchy-class heavy battlecruiser, Alliance-class dreadnought, armed cutter (class-1 phaser), armed cutter (class-2 phaser/drone), Prime Trader transport (phaser-2), mobile base (disruptor), mobile base (drone), mobile base (disruptor-drone), and battle station.

You must have A Call to Arms: Star Fleet Book 1, Revision 2 in order to use these cards.

Written by Jon Woodland