Star Fleet Battles: Module C3A – The Andromedan Threat File SSD Book (B&W)

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"Lieutenant, just what the heck is an 'Andromedan'?"

"Sir, I just don't know. Nobody does. Their ships, their weapons, their technology are all unknown."

Most SFB players do not realize that it was not until the Andromedans were defeated that Star Fleet finally figured out who they were, where they came from, and what they wanted. Four decades of battles against the Andromedans were based on battle reports, guesses, calculations, estimations, and (it was said) a Ouija Board. Star Fleet Intelligence (not to mention the intelligence services of other empires) was constantly issuing new guesses as to what Andromedan ships were in service and what new ones could be expected in the near future. Star Fleet Intelligence assumed that since other empires had improved their fleets with refits, new designs, old hulls expanded with new sections, alternative weapons, fighters, bombers, gunboats, and even X-technology, that the Andromedans would also make the same innovations.

This book includes 60 SSDs for these conjectural ships. Explore X-ships (aren't the regular ships scary enough?), a Desecrator Starbase, dissection beam ships, fighters, fast patrol ships, and much, much more. All of these are presented in the original Captain's Edition black & white format.

You will need Module C3A to use this SSD book.