Hexagram #1-8 Bundle

Steve Jackson Games SKU: SJG37-5591


8 PDFs (totaling 320 pages) in a single Zip file


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Adventures! Monsters! Rules and options! Talking heads in cages! Explore it all, if you dare, with this downloadable bundle of the Hexagram zine, which collects the first eight issues of this Fantasy Trip supplement. Dozens of articles and limitless inspiration can be yours, at a bundle price that's sure to entice!

Written by John Paul Bakshoian / Henry Cobb / Douglas H. Cole / Eric Dow / James Eisert / Marc Gacy / Andrew Hackard / John Hanna / Paul Haynie / Steve Jackson / Stefan Jones / Howard Kistler / Peter Von Kleinsmid / Steven Marsh / Jean McGuire / Guy McLimore / Timm Meyers / Mike Nagel / Kelly Nall / Benjamin Pew / Greg Poehlein / David L. Pulver / Philip Reed / Timothy P. Remp / Anthony Shostak / Anthony Shostak / Lester Smith / C. Andrew Walters / Rob Ward / Chris Warden / Joe Zakszewski