GURPS Infinite Worlds: Nightreign

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What horrors lurk where the sun never rises?

The place is 18th-century America. The time is midnight. It's always midnight . . . in the Nightreign. GURPS Infinite Worlds: Nightreign is a horror setting that pits a fledgling country against the forces of darkness. Do you join sides with Grand Inquisitor Thomas Jefferson and his questionable-but-disciplined mages? Protect the countryside as highly trained Rangers? Cross the Creeping Wall that envelops the land as death-defying Bleak runners? Or do you just try to survive one more day?

Nightreign reveals a rich background history (including secrets that players dare not read), guidelines for creating local heroes, insight into bringing this worldline into the Infinite Worlds setting, and tips for getting the tone and theme right in adventures. It also provides information about unique ways magic manifests in this setting, how technology has diverged, and what kinds of threats adventurers could face. A new era has dawned, but so has a new dusk. Can you persevere in the twilight?

Written by James Amaral / Joshua Lopez