The Fantasy Trip Bestiary

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192-page hardcover, 9 sheets containing 250+ counters, and 183 reference cards.

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A Monstrous Guide for Gamers

If heroes are defined by the foes they face, then this is a life-or-death "dictionary." The Bestiary has over 200 creatures to fit any conflict or campaign. There are cats, rats, bats, and myriad mundane critters; hydras, sphinxes, rocs, and more fantastic fiends of legend; plus gralls, florathings, sinstoners, and other entities unique to The Fantasy Trip. And dare we whisper of the secrets revealed about dragons?

In addition to TFT stats, each illustrated entry includes information on habits, behaviors, and how they might be encountered – useful inspiration for any game. For those who seek out or survive their savage situations, tables of likely loot and other possibilities are also provided.

Designed by gamers for gamers, the Bestiary also provides resources for quicker and easier play, such as charts of environments, over 250 counters, and more. If your heroes have the swords, we've got the hordes and rewards!