Forest's End

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A Knight to Remember

Dalmar of Skaldbjorg has planned this moment for years. Over a thousand people joined him in the Dragongrounds. Far beyond the safety of Audreyn's Wall, Dalmar, his wife Freythor, and their lifetime friend and lieutenant Tobias carved a new settlement out of the dragonkin-infested wilderness.

The planning and struggle is to come to fruition with a grand celebration in front of the King's representative. Dalmar will offer up the Konungsgjöf and petition to be named Jarl of Skógurenda: Lord of Forest's End.

Nothing stands in his way, except . . .

. . . a miasma of greed and seething desire has settled over the village.
. . . an elite force of ravenous dragonkin is poised to attack the town.
. . . a murderous faerie who likes nothing more than to play with his food.
. . . an underground labyrinth whose contents spell disaster or salvation for all.

Skógurenda is in peril and does not know it. The only questions are if external or internal threats rip the town apart first . . . and if a party of adventurers, newly come to the town, are mighty enough to save it.

The adventure is suitable for a party of experienced Dungeon Fantasy RPG adventurers, or newcomers with improved equipment (some of which can be obtained as rewards in this module, which is far from “treasure-light”).

What's in the Book

Introduction. A brief history of the new settlement of Skógurenda (Forest's End), and the jarls and karls that brought it into being through blood, sacrifice, and sweat. Includes several suggested starting hooks to draw characters into the adventure.

History. Nordlond and the Dragongrounds are sitting at the end of over 5,000 years of history. The key events that make Forest's End such an . . . interesting . . . place are laid out with enough detail to understand what's going on, provide extra hooks and detail, and give insight to the town and its founding citizens.

Skógurenda. The settlement itself is detailed in the tradition of all the Nordlond Saga adventures: with a glorious map by Glynn Seal, and details on the important structures, people, and points of interest. And Taxes. Nobles need their taxes.

People, Place, and Threats. The dragons, faerie, outlanders and outlaws surrounding the town, what they want, and why they care. The Endalaus Forest itself is a threat, and weather and climate are given enough of a treatment to make environmental hazards legitimate.

Cavern of Blood. There are many threats to Skógurenda, and a murderous Autumn Faerie is spreading death and mayhem. Can you survive the Cavern of Blood?

The Revelry Begins. The party begins. It is time to kick off the festival where Dalmar presents the King's Gift to the royal representative. A fortune in gold to secure his place as a Jarl. Grand festivities are planned . . . and dragonkin gate-crashers and demon cultists are planning to drop by as well!

Vault of Vaesukir. Who'd have known that the idyllic and perfect location for a settlement would have been perfect an idyllic for an ancient dragon as well? Underneath the growing town, the lair of an Elder Dragon has sat undisturbed for centuries. The Elder Dragons are gone . . . but even the memory of a dragon holds great power. Vast treasure and grave dangers lie in wait in the vaults of Vaesukir the Collector.

Bestiary. Monsters are good. Twenty different creatures supplement those from the Dungeon Fantasy Monsters, book. From man-eating dragonkin to elder things from beyond Yggdrasil, there's something to eat the most stalwart heart.

Written by Merlin Avery