Dragons of Rosgarth

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Death on Dark Wings

A dragon has come again to Rosgarth Castle. He hopes to ascend, becoming an Elder Dragon. They ruled the world for countless thousands of years. He believes he has found the way to do it.

He may be right.

But forces move against him. Undead rise in vast numbers. An ancient power stirs beneath the castle, filling the land with necromantic energy.

Maendrath does not know it.

In the Norse-inspired realm of Norðlond, 100 miles south of Rosgarth, signs and portents, rumors, and reports all say the same thing: If brave thegns do not stop the threat of the dragons of Rosgarth, a new Ragnarök threatens.

Inside The Dragons of Rosgarth, find:

  • Járngarðr, a city dominated by metalworking and crafting. Lovingly detailed with complete maps.
  • Capabilities, back-story, and motivations of all the major players
  • Encounters to spice up the 100 mile journey from Járngarðr to Rosgarth
  • Multiple paths to victory…and defeat
  • Over 20 new creatures in the Bestiary. Including dinosaurs. Everything is better with dinosaurs.

What's in the Book

Introduction. A brief introduction describes how The Dragons of Rosgarth fits in with the other adventures in the Nordlond setting, and sets the scene for the adventures ahead. Quick-Start scenarios and hooks help the GM jump-start the heroics.

Járngarðr. The crafting town called “the Iron Garden” sits on the Jotunnain river, nestled up against the magical Wall separating Nordlond from the Dragongrounds. As always, the Town gets lavishly detailed. Maps, jarls, shopping, and points of interest provide a backdrop for exploration, interaction, and adventure.

Factions. The ambitious dragon Maendrath has plans for Rosgarth, and has set things in motion that makes even the mighty Aesir take notice. Arrayed with and against the dragon are the Nordlondr, an ancient necromantic threat, and several insane Winterfae. What could go wrong?

The Journey. Many things are half the battle, but getting there can be half the fun! A 100-mile overland journey from Skogurenda to Rosgarth is filled with threatening encounters. Dozens are detailed, allowing the heroes to face new threats each day.

The Army Camp. As Maendrath's ambition grew, and dark energies rose to oppose him, he realized he'd need an army. No fewer than four disparate groups of warriors are assembled before the gates of Rosgarth keep…and they don't all work and play well with others.

Rosgarth Ruins. The multi-leveled keep and underground lair. Descend beneath the castle to come face to face with an ambitious, powerful dragon.

Bestiary. All important unique adversaries get full write-ups, with full-color illustrations. The dragon Maendrath, and his underlings, described in detail. Plus dinosaurs. Everything really is better with dinosaurs.

Written by Kyle Norton / Douglas H. Cole