Nanogames: Dragons and Jack-o'-Lanterns

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4-page PDF.

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Dragons and Jack-o'-Lanterns. Oh, my!

This PDF contains two great dice games, each created by Steve Jackson. All you need to add are dice and counters, and you'll be ready to build your own dragon . . . or perhaps emerge with the most pumpkins!

It's all up to you – and your dice rolls, of course! You will need several six-sided dice for each player (eight dice for each player for Dragons; three dice in total for Jack-o'-Lanterns). You may use any dice you wish, or pair our Dragon d6 Dice Set (four packs needed in total for up to four players) and Halloween d6 Dice Set with the Nanogames rules to set the perfect mood for each game.

(The page size of the PDF version is 13.79 × 9.21 inches.)