Autoduel Tales: The Fiction of Car Wars

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The future is back!

From 1983 through 1993, Autoduel Quarterly published fiction set in the Car Wars universe. Collected for the first time, here are all 30 stories from that era, including the original illustrations. Fron neo-noir to humor to tragic to action, Autoduel Tales: The Fiction of Car Wars delivers snapshots of an unforgettable world where the line between the quick and the dead is painted on asphalt.

Written by Christopher J. Burke / Kurt Bush / Douglas E. Carey / J. Chestnut / Andrew Egan / Leslie Fish / John M. Ford / Robert J. Garitta / Daveed Gartenstein-Ross / Ian Knights / Dan Lambert / Jim Lowerre / Andreas Metzger / Andrew Metzger / Joel Mullins / John Nowak / Ramona Richards / John Romero / David Searle / Michael A. Stackpole / Karol Szolvani / Laura Tripoli / Brian Upton / France VanLang-Hoang