Over the Edge: Welcome to Sylvan Pines

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Come, enjoy rest and relaxation at our lovely, private care facility!

On the mad island of Al Amarja, the Sylvan Pines psychiatric facility may seem to be just another country villa or spa for the rich. But when the characters are admitted for the five day treatment program, they find themselves enmeshed in strange and sinister events.

One after the other, the patients and staff are dying. The first one seemed to be a suicide. The second was clearly murder. Is the reputed cannibal-serial murderer responsible? Are assassins coming for Eric Rome, the patient who claims to be a secret agent? Can the player characters discover what dark secret haunts Sylvan Pines? Or, trapped in the asylum by a computer system as crazy as the inmates, will they become the next victims?

This Over the Edge product features a complete description of the Sylvan Pines facility, including a unique cast of GMCs. Also included are props for the GM to hand out to players over the course of their characters' "recuperation."

Written by Stephan Michael Sechi / Mark Frein