Over the Edge: Pierced Heart - An Over the Edge Novel

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A lost soul in search of the answer to a question no one else dares ask. An honorable gangster intent on keeping his promises, even if it kills him. A psychopathic criminal with an eye on the bottom line and a hand wrapped around the hilt of a stiletto. A New Age con man capable of charming anyone – except the man he sees in the mirror every morning. A funeral director who isn't quite the same species as the rest of us. An angry man who has given up his own life for his sister's success. And a certain pivotal figure in human history, who may or may not have been conjured up by Communion, a designer drug that promises instant contact with the divine.

The curious death of an American singer throws these people together in a tightly-woven web of hallucination, mystery, and violence. It all happens on Al Amarja, the Mediterranean island where surreal menace lurks beneath the thinnest veneer of normalcy. Al Amarja is the setting of the Over the Edge roleplaying game and the On the Edge collectible card game.

Robin D. Laws, author of a host of roleplaying books, contributed to the original Over the Edge game and many of its supplements, including the wildly-praised Weather the Cuckoo Likes, and the equally popular On the Edge expansion The Cut-Ups Project. He is also the author of the new hit RPG Feng Shui as well as projects for FASA, Wizards of the Coast, Mayfair, and Steve Jackson Games.

This was his first novel, and the first novel to be published by Atlas Games.

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Written by Robin D. Laws