Captain's Log #8

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This 1990 issue introduced the new Doomsday Edition of SFB. The issue grew to 80 pages. Included are two fiction stories:

  • "Escape From the Holdfast" described a Klingon effort to slip into Tholian space and steal an entire ship (along with the secret of web technology).
  • "The Battle of Olsen's Reach" told the tale of the moment when the Federation tried to surrender and a mistake by a young ensign caused the General War to drag on for another decade.

Also included are:

  • nine new SFB scenarios
  • the Federation FFB and DW
  • Q&A
  • an introduction to Doomsday
  • an example of tractor auctions
  • Why
  • Just Say No
  • Battleforce 2000
  • Board of Proposals
  • Ask Kommodore Ketrick (It was Steven Petrick's debut)
  • Tactics Board
  • Victory at Origins
  • Ask Uncle Ardak

The much larger F&E section includes:

  • An Example
  • Q&A
  • Tactical Notes
  • space control ship rules
  • DF&E commentaries
  • a new scenario
  • and two strategic options.

Written by Stephen Cole