Captain's Log #17

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When this 96-page issue was published in June of 1995, nobody knew that Task Force was in deep trouble and would soon be reduced to a very dim light before going completely dark. The format of the time was 96 pages "plus something," and the something in this issue was a sheet of extra tournament counters.

HISTORY includes A Brief History of the General War, plus background articles on Galactic Intelligence Agency (GIA) medals, Seltorian rank insignia, and the Star Fleet report on Kumerian's Red Fleet.

DATABASE (which became the commo section in later issues) includes:
  • Conventions
  • Rated aces
  • Input Guide
  • Why
  • Kommodore Ketrick
  • Example of minefields
  • Battle Force 500
  • After Action Review
  • Command the Future
  • Ten Questions
  • A play aide for planetary invasions
  • And a scenario workshop.

UNIVERSE (which later became venues) includes:

  • The Arcturians in Prime Directive
  • New missions for Star Fleet Missions
  • Reports on Star Fleet Warlord
  • An article on miniatures
  • And an artist profile.

SCENARIOS includes 10 new ones (SL157 to SL166.)

TACTICS includes:

  • The terrain Seminar
  • Term Papers
  • The Andromedan Dump
  • Mine Games
  • Victory at Origins 94
  • And Ask Uncle Ardak.


  • Q&A
  • Tactical Notes
  • The original F&E combat system
  • Seltorians in F&E
  • Scenario 696 the Eastern Theater
  • And a Federation reference card.

There are eight new SSD pages including fast cruisers, heavy destroyers cadet ships, and squadron SSDs.

Written by Stephen Cole