Captain's Log #13

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This 1993 issue is 80 pages long and compiles the best of the material from the old Nexus Magazine.

HISTORY includes "The Glory of the Heroes" about a Federation base that is overwhelmed by a Romulan Attack.

DATABASE (which is now the Communications section) includes:

  • Convention winners
  • Origins reports from 84-85-86-87
  • Staff awards
  • Klingon battlecruisers
  • Why
  • Proposals board
  • Kommodore Ketrick
  • Ten Classic Questions
  • Speeding up SFB
  • and how BPV works.

SCENARIOS includes three classic ones (SP1701, SP80, and SP222).

TACTICS includes:

  • Term Papers
  • Frigate Squadrons
  • In the Heat of Battle
  • and Ask Uncle Ardak.

THE ACADEMY compiles the classroom sessions (the professor asks questions of cadets with names suspiciously like the guys on the BBS) including:

  • The first session
  • Spencer's Gambit
  • Captain K.
  • Expanding Spheres
  • Plasmas
  • Cloaks
  • Drones
  • Andromedans
  • The Coalition Brotherhood Banquet
  • Sending Gerard Home (Orion Tactics)
  • Webs
  • The ISC
  • Mid-Term Review
  • and The Tactics Board.


  • Q&A
  • Tactical Notes
  • Combat Missions
  • The ISC in F&E (18 years before they finally got published in ISC WAR!)
  • and two scenarios.

Written by Stephen Cole