Captain's Log #12

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This 1993 issue is 80 pages long.

THE EARLY YEARS first appeared in this issue, with rules, scenarios, and six cruiser SSDs.

HISTORY includes "The Long Road Home" about a WYN frigate making a secret trip to pick up something the Patriarch wants for his new ship and also has the Kzinti rank insignia chart.

DATABASE includes:

  • Communications
  • New product schedule
  • Recent product reviews
  • Humor
  • Input Guide
  • Battle Force 525 (battle tugs)
  • Ask Kommodore Ketrick
  • example of SFB EW rules
  • Proposals Board
  • and Why.

DOOMSDAY was a recent event and this issue includes 10 questions about Doomsday and a list of ship changes in the Doomsday Edition.

UNIVERSE (which later became the venues section) includes articles on Star Fleet Missions, Star Fleet Battle Force card game, and Prime Directive first edition (stats for Klingons and ISC).

SCENARIOS includes five new ones (SL138 to SL142).

TACTICS includes:

  • The tactics board (the professor asks questions of cadets with names suspiciously like the guys on the BBS)
  • Term Papers
  • Victory at Origins 1993
  • and Ask Uncle Ardak.


  • Q&A
  • Tactical Notes
  • An example of retreat priorities
  • An update from the Total War project
  • Commentaries
  • The strategy (collect the capitals) that the Coalition still uses,
  • and an Early Years scenario.

Written by Stephen Cole