You Never Meta Book Like GURPS Meta-Tech!

GURPS Meta-Tech

In many GURPS campaigns, it's perfectly permissable to buy cool stuff if your hero has the money. But it can be challenging to figure out what new gear should cost in GURPS dollars; if an alchemical concoction, exoskeleton, or personal time machine doesn't come with a price or stats in a catalog, deciding a fair price often relies on sweat and guesswork.

No more! From the nigh-infinite imagination of Christopher R. Rice comes GURPS Meta-Tech. With this supplement, you can create any item you like, using the power of the GURPS Fourth Edition ability system . . . and then turn that device built with character points into a device with a cash-value cost.

Your newly crafted tech can have just about any origin you can envision: magical, high-tech, cosmic, nanites, steam-tech, necromantic, just plain weirdness – and beyond! Regardless of the campaign type, you can turn any idea into stuff you can wear, wield, drive, eat, shoot . . . and, most importantly, buy. And to spur your creativity, an appendix offers cool examples from across myriad genres to get you started.

Unleash your inner inventor with GURPS Meta-Tech, available to buy as a softcover or download from the mad mercantile geniuses at Warehouse 23!

-- Steven Marsh