What Do You Do With A Printed Gift Card?

Warehouse 23 Gift Certificates

I'm pretty sure I've never gotten to do a riff on "What Do You Do With a Drunken Sailor?" in a Daily Illuminator . . .

Anyway, the day is late, the hour is nigh, the stores are closed, shipping is impossible, and you need a gift – now. There's at least one option that's still a possibility: digital gift certificates, such as those available for purchase at Warehouse 23.

You fire up the Epson inkjet and, voila! Like some kind of . . . I dunno . . . ink-and-paper-based 3D printer (the future is amazing!), you have a gift at your disposal.

To add some visual pizazz to the affair because the printer's already warm and loaded, consider downloading one of the free holiday greeting cards and printing it out. Heck, if they're fans of Munchkin (and who isn't?), print out a Munchkin Mask and include that. It's easy, gift-giving fun at your fingertips!

-- Steven Marsh