We're Up All Night To Get Stuffies

Three Innocent Stuffies

At stately Vrtis-Marsh Manor, we have quite the menagerie of stuffed animals (and gelatinous cubes, and Cthulhus . . .), which we lovingly call "stuffies." I've had my own collection of various plush pals for decades, and the assortment has only gotten bigger over the years.

One technique I remember from some of my tabletop RPG sessions – especially those with heavy social elements – is recruiting from my critter collection to fill in seats. It sounds silly, but a lot of players (and me, as the GM) sometimes benefit from knowing who's where and having an actual "face" they can address. Sure, the stuffed shark may not look exactly like Count von Destructo, but he's a face the players can turn to when they're making their witty counterpoints in front of the GM (acting as Queen Equilibria). And it's not any less ludicrous than actors in CGI-heavy films addressing a painted tennis ball.

Feel free to experiment from your own staff of stuffies, if you have one. (Three of our most-devious-but-cute associates were eager to volunteer for a photo.) If you're looking to recruit, I know of at least one Halloween Chibithulhu Plush who'd happily sit in on a gaming session or two . . .

-- Steven Marsh