Today's Gaming Tip: Jewelry Boxes

One of my jewelry boxes, loaded with dice

I'm often on the lookout for cool gaming accoutrements for my own personal hoards of dice or other tiny accessories. I don't know if this is a truth universally acknowledged, but one trick I've found in perusing thrift stores in recent years has been to watch for interesting or unusual jewelry boxes. They often have nifty locks or opening mechanisms, are usually made of wood (about as timeless a material as you can get at the gaming table), and inexpensive. I probably have a half dozen of them in various shapes and forms, and none of them I've spent more than a few dollars on. Plus they often look weathered or well-loved, which just adds to the "long-forgotten treasure" appeal.

If you're crafty with wood or other accessories, you can add dividers, decals, or other improvements. But I've found many such boxes usable right off the shelf.

As a bonus tip, they're great for thumb drives, memory cards, or other tiny things that a desk might hypothetically want to eat.

-- Steven Marsh