Tips And Tricks For Your Best Game Night Ever

It's Saturday. Finally, the weekend is here. Your friends are coming over for gaming tonight, so you want it to be perfect. Here are some of our best tips and tricks for hosting a fantastic session that your friends will remember. 
1. Before the evening even begins, it's important to curate the guest list. Consider the games you would like to play and think about whether the night is best suited for a TTRPG, a cooperative game, a war game, or a whole lot of dice rolling. Once the games of your choice are locked in, invite accordingly. Also, be sure to send out the invitation well in advance to ensure your friends are more likely to be free to attend. Have a backup game planned if the number of attendees suddenly changes or if someone needs to leave mid-party. 
2. There is always a concern about drinks spilling on cards, sticky fingers on miniatures, and Cheeto dust on the game board. Head to the store and choose snacks that won't make a mess on the table, and know if your friends have any dietary restrictions. As we pointed out a few months ago, it can also be a great idea to use chopsticks to pick up candy, cheeses, meats, and more. One of the best ways to prevent spills is to have a few TV trays around the table for glasses and plates. Starting the evening with a snack can set the tone for the evening.
3. Setting the mood can take your evening to the next level. Playing a fantasy TTRPG? Check out fantasy-themed ambiance videos on Youtube. If you'd prefer music, pair the game with a movie score, such as the epic soundtrack from the Lord of the Rings trilogy. You might also choose to slightly dim the lights for an extra added effect.
4. Finally, it can go a long way to ensuring the perfect evening by anticipating any hiccups. If games tend to turn ultra-competitive and someone becomes upset, think of ways to diffuse the situation before it happens. Be ready to provide hand wipes or sanitizer should someone bring buffalo wings as their snack. 
With these tips and tricks, you can be sure to have your best game night ever. Let us know if you have any other suggestions for a great night!

-- Michelle Richardson