The Munchkin Mask


Love Munchkin? Love accessorizing? Love in-game bonuses? How about being a little silly? Then the Munchkin Mask is for you! And the best part is that it can be yours for the low, low price of FREE!
Here's what to do in just 4 easy steps:
1. Visit the link to Warehouse 23 at the bottom of this article to download your FREE 7-page Munchkin Mask PDF. 
2. Print the mask, preferably on cardstock for durability. Color or black and white. Your choice,
3. Assemble the mask with tape or glue, and add a piece of string or a rubber band to make it wearable.
4. Now you're ready for the bonus! Don your mask and wait for a Trap or Curse to be played on you. Simply exclaim, "Mighty Mask of the Munchkin, I call upon your Power!" and the Trap or Curse no longer affects you. There's just one catch: You'll need to wear it for the rest of the game or lose a level.
Bonus: When playing on October 31st, Halloween Day, wear the mask the entire game and you'll win on level 9 instead of level 10!
Download the Munchkin Mask today, and take your game to the next level!

-- Michelle Richardson