The Tremendous Tome Is Out!

I know I have already humblebragged about being included in the amazing Tremendous Tome of Epic Dungeons. For those who missed it: this is a lovely coffee-table book featuring miniature dungeons and figures, marvelously painted and photographed.

Well, the Tome is out, and it's just as beautiful as expected. Kickstarter supporters have already received their copies. If you didn't support . . . well, you are NOT out of luck. We supported at the retail level, so we have five copies to sell in Warehouse 23. Feel free to take one off our hands!

Tremendous Tome

Our chapter features miniatures painted by Ben Williams, Irene Zielinski, and Jean McGuire, on our as-yet-almost-unreleased Hexscape scenery, with photography by Phil Reed and Your Humble Servant. Many of those miniatures, including the dragon protagonist, are from the Foes 2 set that we'll Kickstart before the end of the year.

-- Steve Jackson