The (Pathfinder) Revolution Has Begun!

Pathfinder Revolution

Pathfinder Revolution! is available today at your friendly local game store! This game of gutter statecraft and secret bids for power is based on Revolution!, which was designed by Phillip duBarry and debuted way back in 2009. The setting for that game was a colonial city, which makes sense for a game involving an uprising. However, Pathfinder Revolution! transports the action to the world of Golarion and the city of Korvosa. Why this city for this game? That was a question I had myself when I first heard of the title.

It turns out that Korvosa was a natural fit for a Revolution! reboot. The city is the setting for a Paizo adventure path called Curse of the Crimson Throne. According to Pathfinder lore, Korvosa's Crimson Throne is cursed – the leaders who rule from this seat of power are fated never to die of old age. (True, the legend doesn't specifically state that the ruler will be violently deposed, but the possibility is always there.) Korvosa is also home to groups and characters that would prove "useful" during periods of civil disorder. One name in particular that jumped out at me was the Catsdew Lofties, a group of lady cat burglars who rely on stealth to get what they want. (To me, they immediately call to mind The Forty Elephants, a notorious gang of London shoplifters.) In Pathfinder Revolution!, you can bribe these and other groups and people to join your side using gold, blackmail, and force. But while you're using your resources to gain influence, so are all of the other players at the table – and you won't know what they're planning until the time comes to reveal and resolve everyone's bids. Do you have what it takes to control the city when the revolution finally comes?

You don't need to have any knowledge of Paizo's world of Golarion to enjoy Pathfinder Revolution! At the same time, this game gives Pathfinder fans a new way of exploring a classic setting. Pick up a copy from one of our retail partners or order from, and get ready for revolution to come to your gaming table!

-- Katie Duffy