The Future's Pretty Awesome When It Comes To Learning Games

Just the other day I realized how downright amazing it is nowadays, as far as learning a new game goes. Like, take a random game such as . . . ohhh, how about Car Wars Sixth Edition.

• Do you learn better by reading? Then the rulebook is available online, in its full-color glory as a searchable PDF.

• Are you a visual learner? There's a "How to Play" video with Chris Steele on Tabletop Game Talk.

• Do you learn better by asking questions or searching for answers? Then we've got forums and a Discord server to talk about our games.

• And, of course, the Internet makes it easier than ever for like-minded folks to form groups and figure things out.

As someone who had to muddle through (say) the original Advanced Dungeons & Dragons using just the hardcovers, the plethora of preparatory possibilities available nowadays is nothing less than amazing to me. And, of course, it means that I get to learn (and chat with) a lot more folks about games . . .

-- Steven Marsh