Teaching Kids Soft Skills With UnboxEd: Auction Ends December 10

Board games aren't just all about fun.  Over the years, many scientific studies have found that board games can improve all sorts of mental skills (like creativity and logic), have emotional benefits (like increasing patience and lowering anxiety), and social benefits (like improving sportsmanship and creating a sense of community).
There is one Austin-based nonprofit called UnboxEd that aims to help kids in low-income settings close achievement gaps by playing games (all at no cost to the students).  One of their core offerings, Entrepre-Newbies, uses role-playing games to teach 3rd and 4th graders entrepreneurship, economics, and financial literacy many things that I never learned until college. Right now they are running a charity drive and board game auction to help fund their program. You can check out more information about the auction that runs until December 10th here and about the program here.

-- Katie Duffy