Table For One

Board games are a wonderful way to connect with others. Friends, family members, loved ones, and even strangers at gaming events can bond over old favorites and new offerings. However, it isn't always feasible to meet up with a group on a regular basis. Here are a few great single-player games to help you fill the gaps between collaborative nights.
Deadly Doodles and the expansion Deadly Doodles 2 are fun games to play solo. At just 15-25 minutes per session, you can even play them on your lunch break or between household tasks. You'll draw paths through a dungeon on a dry-erase board while fighting monsters and acquiring treasures. Unlock doors, fight monsters, and engage in an epic battle to defeat the dragon!
A twist on the original Munchkin, Munchkin Panic is an exciting way to spend your evening. Battle monsters drawn from a bag and use cards to keep them away from your castle at the center of the board. The game is illustrated by Munchkin legend John Kovalic and includes a game board, dice bag, tokens, a Munchkin d6, over 100 cards, and more! Will you stand your ground against the beasts to protect the palace?
Hack & Slash is a game of adventuring and battling to win fame. You'll roll the dice after choosing a quest, and try to collect whatever you can that pays the most. Don't fail, or you'll meander back to the tavern in shame! While it normally plays 2-6, we have a special set of solitaire rules if you'd like to play alone!
Dice-rolling fans, especially those who love zombies, will have a great time with Zombie Dice Deluxe. You're a zombie in an apocalyptic future, and you'll push your luck to avoid being shotgunned. This game is set for 2+ players, but you can create your own solo variant by playing multiple rounds and trying to beat your high score.
Even when you don't have opponents to play with, you can still have an awesome time solo! If you have played any of our games alone and had a blast, send us an email to let us know!

-- Michelle Richardson