Summiting Austin

February 2024 Summit group photo

Here we are, fresh off our Steve Jackson Games Summit, held right here in Austin, TX. It was the first one in my memory, and I've been here more than nine years!

With most of us working at home (yay!), and with seven (!) staff people now working from out of state (Dallas IS out of state, yes?), the start of a new year seemed the perfect time to put our heads together for some heavy-duty collaboration. For some of us, it was the first chance we'd had to meet our newest staff members face to face! The first thing we had to do, of course, was introduce everyone to breakfast tacos.

We had some fruitful meetings, which inspired even more talk and collaboration. Production met with Marketing, Marketing met with Editorial, our Line Editors met with Marketing and Production, and Steve and Meredith met with everyone! It's really helpful to open these conversations; we all do our jobs better when we understand what other departments are doing and how their work meshes with everyone else's in order to complete a new game. 

A lot of ground was covered, and we finished the week with a release schedule for 2025 that is almost complete, as well as a great working schedule for 2026!

The image accompanying this post, which I hope includes all of us, indicates that we also took a bit of time to play. Maybe we'll make this an annual thing!

-- Susan Bueno