Sculptors In The Mist

Tabletop Fog Machine

Tabletop Fog Machine

Conor Flynn, the artist who sculpted the spectacular dragon from Foes 2, has a really awesome project on Kickstarter: the Tabletop Fog Machine.

The core is a tiny fog machine that generates a glycerine-based mist. This is thicker and more persistent than water fog, with no puddles or spray, but it doesn't leave a gooey coating like vegetable oil types. Around this, Conor has sculpted an assortment of structures that can be used in dioramas, battlefields, or dungeons. I know how good a sculptor Conor is, so I know these are going to be incredible.

The set comes with your choice of switch or remote-controlled fog generators, a container of "fog juice" good for 4.5 hours of total use, STLs for nine custom fog-emitting sculpts, and a set of pieces for the classic ruined walls, etc., for battlefield terrain to surround with mysterious fog.

I can already think of a plethora of gaming uses for it, and it's going to be spectacular for photography, too. I'm eagerly awaiting mine! (They're promising fulfillment in March.)

There are more pictures and videos of the fog maker making fog on the Kickstarter page. Go take a look. Because this is really cool!

-- Jean McGuire