Pyramid Pride!

You are welcome at my table. Just be nice to everyone else at the table; that's the only rule about who gets to sit down. Again, you are welcome at my table. That shouldn't even have to be said, but since it DOES have to be said, let's say it loudly and let the trolls fall where they may.

In honor of Pride, we present a matched set of rainbow designs. The images speak for themselves. Do they speak for you?

Steve Jackson Gaymes Pride Design Steve Jackson Games Pride Design

Shirts (and stickers!) are available at our Redbubble Store and Amazon Merch Store. Enamel pyramid pins are coming soon to Warehouse 23. And Pride doesn't end in June; these items are here to stay.

All proceeds from the sale of these designs will go to Lambda Legal to help them fight for human rights in the courtroom. While this is mainly a print-on-demand release, we will have shirts and pins to sell at Gen Con, so you can, like, WEAR one. I'm going to. If you don't like the shirts, you should send Lambda some money anyhow. They are doing the right thing.

-- Steve Jackson