On Demand – Internationally!

GURPS Basic Set: Characters

GURPS Tactical Shooting

We recently announced the expansion of our On Demand offerings with two new additions. Well, three . . . err, nine. It's complicated; go check out the past Daily Illuminator posts about the GURPS Basic Set and GURPS Tactical Shooting.

This program – which uses Amazon's print-on-demand technology to keep our library available as physical books – has been remarkably popular. However, it came to my attention that a couple of would-be fans looking to expand their print libraries were having problems because Amazon was telling them that the books were "out of stock."

This turned out to be an easy-to-solve issue: Simply make sure you're ordering from your country's Amazon store! Our links default to the United States, and that's where we link (say) GURPS Tactical Shooting. But if you want to buy it from, for example, Canada, Germany, the United Kingdom, Australia, or Japan, simply make sure you either search for it on your country's version of Amazon or change the URL of the link so it points to the right store.

Nothing can stop the global reach of GURPS! Oh, except a bad URL or wrong Amazon storefront search; that'll do it . . . but that's what posts like this one are for.

-- Steven Marsh