Now In Print-On-Demand: Murphy's Rules!


It's not only GURPS that is being added to our ever-expanding catalog of print-on-demand books. The Murphy's Rules collection from the late nineties has now found its way into the print-on-demand library, making it easier than ever to grab this classic work that pokes fun at gaming. The book has been unavailable in print for several years -- well over a decade! -- so we welcome this chance to bring this collection back to the physical world.

One thing strikes fear into the hearts (and laughter into the twisted minds) of publishers everywhere. Some game rules are good, some are bad, and some are Murphy's! From the pages of Space Gamer and Pyramid, this is the cartoon feature that takes those rules and skewers them, bleeding, for everyone to mock. (Us? Attitude? It's all right; we pick on our own stuff, too.) The strip has featured a great roster of artists over the years, including multiple-Origins Award-winner John Kovalic and Pulitzer Prize-winner Ben Sargent!

You can find Murphy's Rules in print at Amazon and DrivethruRPG.

-- Phil Reed