Now Available On Demand: Man To Man

Man to Man

Discover how GURPS began, with Man to Man – now available in print again as part of the On Demand program!

Originally published in 1985, this is a complete rule system of hand-to-hand pre-modern combat . . . and it's also the first release for GURPS! Design heroes (or scoundrels), take up arms, and wander through a venue of your own design as you exercise your martial might.

This new print-on-demand version is based on a scan of the original edition, cleaned up digitally. It's not as sharp as if it were from a pure-digital source, but it's eminently readable while retaining its old-school feel. Note that the original version had a "pull out" section that took advantage of its stapled form; those same tables and maps are put in the back of the volume or convenience's sake. Please feel free to copy them for personal use. (The original version also included Cardboard Heroes that we couldn't replicate with this new version, but fantasy-gaming figure options have expanded considerably in the past four decades, so the odds are decent you have miniatures available.)

Dodge those expensive online resellers, and add this to your physical gaming library today . . . on demand!

-- Steven Marsh