My Computer Is Smarter Than Me

This is a footnote to the post I made about Arcadian Chain the other day. For it, I wanted to be precise about how long I've had my beloved dice bag. Based on the years that Arcadian Chain listed on their website for having attended Who's Yer Con, I guessed I'd picked mine up either in 2019 or 2023. But 2019 seemed impossibly far away (the "Before Times"), while 2023 seemed much too recent.

However, after a moment's thought, I realized I could just search my email for "Arcadian Chain." Sure enough, two digital receipts popped up for the store. (My kiddo got his own dice bag at the same show.) And the receipts confirmed it was . . . 2018. I've enjoyed it for longer than I thought! Time has no meaning anymore.

Anyway, I just found it interesting how the computer era – decades old at this point – can still amaze me in relatively simple ways.

-- Steven Marsh