Munchkin Night At Mother's Basement Games

To start at the beginning: I was looking for a new place to have brunch a couple of years ago and I came across a small restaurant in Taylor, Texas. (Taylor is about 30-40 minutes northeast of Austin.) One of the neatest things about this restaurant (besides the food, which is awesome) is that it is in what used to be the band hall of the old Taylor High School! As a former marching band kid, the flute and clarinet lamps, the tuba and baritone hanging on the wall, and the bassoon reclining jauntily on the windowsill made me smile. 

A couple of weeks ago, I was trolling for Cool Things To Do, and I came across a game store (yes, Mother's Basement!) that was in the same area. Turns out there's a whole retail mall in Old Taylor High, and you can read about it here!

But I digress. Back to the Basement! They were advertising their first-ever Game Night this Thursday, and they are going to feature (Ta-da!) Munchkin Deluxe! So our Marketing Manager, Katie, and I reached out to them to learn the story. Turns out Mother's Basement started as a pop-up vendor a couple of years ago, but they opened a permanent space in December. The owners are husband and wife team Amy and Brian. Amy tells me that she loved playing Munchkin in college. She might have played even more than she studied! So she says the decision to highlight Munchkin as their first Game Night offering was a "no-brainer"! 

Mother's Basement sells boardgames, RPGs, accessories, and anime collectibles. They also offer classes and events, and Brian has a small studio in the store for hand-painting collectibles. You can find more info on their events and their social media on their website.

We always encourage folks to support their FLGS. We try to do that as well. As Amy explained, "We wanted to create a fun, inclusive space for people to be their full (nerdy) selves." That's what you'll find at your FLGS!

If you're in Austin, go meet Amy and Brian this Thursday, January 18, at 7:00. You can even RSVP right on their Facebook page! They'll start with a how-to-play tutorial, and then the kicking down of doors will begin! And if you aren't in Austin, well, have you checked out your FLGS lately? Encourage them to rotate one of our new or classic titles into their Game Night festivities, and tell us about it on the forums!

-- Susan Bueno