More Munchkin And Car Wars Upgrades – Coming Soon!

We're just a few months away from autumn (already!), and we'd like to share October's new releases with you. Some exciting things are coming for Munchkin and Car Wars!
With 56 brand-new cards, Munchkin: Taken for Granite is the newest expansion for the classic game. Fight the Level 10 Inflatable Golem by using your Automatix Chisel. Or, if a friend is fighting the Golem, stack on the Hard As A Rock card for +10 to the monster's level! You backstabber . . .
We've also planned three more great single-player card sets for Car Wars Sixth Edition: Car Wars Offensive Ordnance lets you stay a step ahead of your opponents and increases your firepower. Included are the hazard cards from Road Tiles as well as all the cards found in Miniatures Set 2Car Wars Gonzo Gear brings 40 all-new cards to your autoduelling arena! You'll add extra thrills around every turn while targeting opponents with the Wrecking Ball, possibly while carrying a Fake Passenger and swinging a Katana. Finally, Car Wars Albert's Advances includes 45 cards originally found in the Uncle Al's Upgrade Pack. You can customize your car with a Drag Chute and other fun accessories, and stop your foes with a Turreted Heavy Rocket.
It's going to be difficult waiting until October for all these goodies, right!?

-- Michelle Richardson