Make Your Own Tuckboxes!


If you're like me, then 1) keep being awesome, and 2) you're always looking for cool ways to make your games snazzier. One simple craft project I've used often is making my own tuckboxes for sets of cards. This can be especially helpful if (say) you get a print-on-demand set of Super Kitty Bug Slap from DriveThruCards.

This website from Craig P Forbes makes it easy to create PDFs of tuckboxes to your exact specifications. Just input the measurements, print on a quality card stock, and fold/glue/tape as needed. I strongly recommend prototyping on a sheet of paper first to make sure the size is right, since an extra millimeter or two can make all the difference.

You can, of course, make your boxes prettier using whatever method you like; creativity abounds when it comes to the gaming community!

-- Steven Marsh