Make Today Cooler Than Ever With Pyramid #4/5: Modern/Action II!

Pyramid #4/5: Modern/Action II

It may be hot in the summer, but Pyramid remains as cool as it's ever been. For those who missed the super-successful Kickstarter a while back and have been weeping at opportunities missed in bygone days, we have good news: Pyramid #4/5: Modern/Action II is now available outside that crowdfunding campaign!

Jam-packed with a dozen articles, this issue includes fascinating fodder for GURPS Action, ready-to-use adventure ideas for GURPS Monster Hunters, insight into realistic careers suitable for adventuring, a steampunk setting – even a mad-scientist's airship with map!

With Pyramid #4/5: Modern/Action II, your recent-era adventures just got cooler, spookier, and more dangerous than ever. Download it today, only from Warehouse 23!

-- Steven Marsh