Kickstarter's Witchstarter Event

Kickstarter sometimes runs site-wide promotions, encouraging creators to construct projects around a common theme. Their Zine Quest events, perhaps the most successful of Kickstarter's theme months, led to the creation of the Hexagram series for The Fantasy Trip (the 10th issue just funded on Kickstarter!). Now they've announced a site-wide event for October that we may participate in if our concepts shake out properly.

Witchstarter, announced here, is described as:

". . . our first open call for Magic & Divination projects. To participate, launch a project in the theme of magic and the occult, or discover new favorites to pledge to. We'll give an extra promotional boost to projects that follow the theme. Deck or dice, book or board game, ideas for Witchstarter projects may span any category on Kickstarter."

Magic and games? Yeah, we've got some ideas. Maybe one will shape up in time for us to participate in the October event. News to come! For now, please follow us on Kickstarter  Steve Jackson Games and Warehouse 23  to get notice when we launch new campaigns. (Our current campaign, Roll the Deck!is live now until October 3!)

-- Phil Reed