Kickstarter Reports, August 2022 Update

We have a campaign in funding (GURPS Pyramid Scheme) and five projects in the fulfillment stage. Of those five projects in fulfillment, we expect to complete shipping four of them before the end of August. This is great news, since it clears the decks for us to try some other crowdfunding projects. What's next? Hexagram #10 later this month . . . and then we'll turn to our list of in-the-works games and decide which one fits the needs of "close to completion" and "can be manufactured and delivered within a few months."

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Steve Jackson Games' 2022 GURPS Pyramid Scheme

  • August 2 to August 11
  • 1,129 backers and still funding
  • This sequel to the 2021 GURPS Pyramid Scheme brings three more Pyramid issues to life and, with your support, may unlock more content before the project closes.

Pathfinder Revolution! by Steve Jackson Games

  • Canceled. The project was not gathering the level of support we wanted to see, so we made the decision to close it down. We're going to revisit the situation and see what choices may be made to improve the campaign. Our current wish is to relaunch the Kickstarter campaign later this year. This project will not appear on this report again until we're ready for a relaunch.

Steve Jackson Games' One Roll Chronicles RPG Adventure

  • June 30 to July 11
  • 1,038 backers and on schedule
  • The print components have reached Warehouse 23. The team will pack and ship the rewards just as soon as possible; we expect to complete fulfillment this month. Unless something goes wrong, this project will not be included in this report again.

Nanogames: Dragons & Jack-o'-Lanterns by Steve Jackson

  • June 20 to June 23
  • 261 backers and ahead of schedule.
  • We estimated delivery in September . . . and managed to ship all of the rewards ahead of schedule! This project is officially complete.

The Official Munchkin Bookmarks Campaign of "Ocean" Dice

  • June 6 to June 13
  • 304 backers and ahead of schedule
  • Shipping has started and we're on track to complete fulfillment before the end of August. We'll officially close this campaign before September 1. This is the last time this project will appear in this report.

Steve Jackson's Munchkin® Presents BATMAN™

  • March 1 to March 18
  • 3,550 backers and ahead of schedule
  • The games are shipping to project supporters. International rewards were shipped from the Georgia warehouse in July. Warehouse 23 is now finalizing the US shipping. This project isn't likely to appear on this report again.

Car Wars Sixth Edition by Steve Jackson Games

  • November 29 (2019) to January 6 (2020)
  • 3,936 backers, behind schedule
  • The pallet going to Australia is still in transit. Fulfillment to the rest of the world is complete. The scenarios are in final editing before moving to layout; we'll release the scenarios around the same time as the launch of the Car Wars Companion project on Kickstarter.

As we continue to experiment with Kickstarter, and as we learn what works for us, we strive to balance a mix of projects we can fulfill quickly (within a few months) and those bigger projects that may need up to a year or more to complete. We have lots of projects and plans, but the calendar only allows so many Kickstarter projects in a year . . . and the traditional means of distribution are not as stable or reliable as they once were. Not a great combination, but we are doing our best to learn how to operate in this new world.

We do not yet have exact launch dates for our upcoming projects, so please follow both Steve Jackson Games and Warehouse 23 on Kickstarter so that you don't miss anything.

-- Phil Reed