June 22 is Free RPG Day

I've been madly in love with roleplaying games since my high school boyfriend introduced me to the Dragonlance novels, Dungeons & Dragons, and Final Fantasy VII. That's why I'm excited about Free RPG Day, which is coming up Saturday, June 22. This annual event is a great way to learn about new tabletop roleplaying games, systems, and settings so you can bring something new to your game night. This year's list of participating publishers is impressive and includes Magpie Games and Goodman Games, as well as our friends at 9th Level Games, Paizo, and R Talsorian Games. A complete list of publishers can be found on the Free RPG Day website.
There's a decent chance that your Friendly Local Game Store is participating in Free RPG Day, so be sure to stop by if you can. Every store is unique, so you may want to check out their website or call ahead to see if they're hosting demos, in-store gaming, or other fun events. After all, the only thing better than picking up a new RPG is finding a group of people to join you!

-- Katie Duffy