Join The Campaign For Saethor's Bane

Saethor's Bane

Saethor's Bane Interior

Saethor's Bane, an introductory programmed adventure for the Dungeon Fantasy Roleplaying Game, funded on Backerkit on March 9 after reaching the goal to upgrade all the art to full color. The campaign is – for a few more days – accepting late pledges, which includes a limited number of Dungeon Fantasy RPG box sets.

The adventure is ideal for learning GURPS via the Dungeon Fantasy RPG. It rapidly pushes four characters from "competent new heroes" at 112 points to well over 250-300 points by the time the adventure is over . . . perfect to start an ongoing Dungeon Fantasy RPG career. It gives new players – and experienced ones! – a great overview of the capabilities and growth pathways for the professions.

It also fully supports – and extends – the Delvers to Grow model of modular character generation, which has been used at home tables and conventions to create new characters in 30 minutes or less, even for brand-new players. The hardest part of point-buy character generation can be getting to the table, and between the ready-to-go solo adventure and Delvers to Grow, you can be there in less than an hour.

The late pledge phase ends Saturday, April 20.

-- Douglas Cole