Into the Infinite Archipelago

Gaming Ballistic is at it again, with The Isle of Sedra, their sixth crowdfunding campaign for The Fantasy Trip, on Kickstarter now.
Isle of Sedra
The Isle of Sedra is the first in the Infinite Archipelago product line. Each setting in the series is self-contained, but can be utilized and inserted into a world - any world - as your players journey across the boundless sea.
If you've played any of David Pulver's prior adventures for Gaming Ballistic, odds are you've been to Sedra before . . . you just didn't know it. Explore this formerly implied region in a brand-new setting guide expanding upon the major locations and introducing new factional alliances and conflicts to support all manner of adventures, including dark gothic fantasy, monster hunting, labyrinth and wilderness adventuring, and political intrigue.
A setting is only as good as its adventures, and the campaign is funding two new ones in addition to the main setting book:
  • Monster Hunter Belladonna is a programmed adventure which continues Bella's confrontations with the dangerous creatures from the Isle of Sedra. Play as the lethal maid Belladonna, or don the crimson cloak of the members of the Duke's new Monster Hunters' Guild. It's projected to run to 40 pages.
  • The Scorpion Labyrinth takes you to the city-state of Tamuz – first introduced in Dragon Hunt. It lies on the edge of the Red Desert, dotted with the ancient ruins of a long-lost empire. An innkeeper has discovered a mysterious crimson door engraved with a scorpion sigil under his humble inn. Is it filled with riches? Trouble? Or a bit of both? Already written and laid out; at 28 pages, it lacks only art.

The campaign features books, PDFs, and NPC and monster cards (like the Decks of Destiny). Card collectors take note: there's something like 600 TFT cards available from Gaming Ballistic at the moment!

This is an ambitious campaign, and while it had a strong open over the weekend, Gaming Ballistic could still use your support! The Kickstarter runs through July 15.

-- Irene Zielinski