Inspiration Is Everywhere

One of the reasons I'm something of a media omnivore is that inspiration can strike from just about anywhere. For example, I found an article about how DC Comics used a Comicmobile to sell comics in New York City in 1973. It's a fascinating piece, a glimpse into a bygone era. It's hard to say in which era "an ice cream truck, but for comics" would be more novel – today or a half-century ago – but it's evocative nonespelltheless.

Thinking about it made me realize: "Wandering vehicle selling wares that are normally stationary" is pretty darn interesting. Fantasy wagon going from town to town selling martial training? High-tech van selling illicit wares in a cyberpunk campaign? Modern-day bus with arcane wares? It's an intriguing way to bring adventure to the heroes . . .

Of course, if I hear the bells of a comic-selling truck ringing down my street, I'll almost certainly be chasing it.

-- Steven Marsh