Zombie Dice 19th Printing!!!

Over the years, hundreds of thousands of copies of Zombie Dice have sold worldwide . . . and now we can report that the 19th printing has landed and is shipping to our distribution partners. 

One of our top sellers since it was launched in 2010, Zombie Dice continues to be a favorite with families, with the game's push-your-luck style appealing to players of almost any age. We've also released expansions, accessories, and expanded editions of the game, but that classic version of Zombie Dice continues to be the winner when it comes to time on tables.

If you're unfamiliar with Zombie Dice and want to learn how to play, we recommend checking out this episode of Tabletop. If you're familiar with the game but haven't played in some time, then today is a great day to pull Zombie Dice off of the shelf and teach it to your friends. As always, this makes a fantastic "game before we play a game" entry into any player's library.

-- Phil Reed